The Life of an English Major

“What does an English major actually do?”

I’ve heard this question countless times, and honestly my answer is still evolving. I chose this major because I love to read and write. And I still do.

Who would have thought my love for literature would have influenced my life in such an overwhelming way?

I transformed my obsession with finding just the right words into a career (profession, livelihood, vocation?). First as a Princeton English major, then as an attorney, now as a writer and part time college essay and English tutor, I delight in (savor, relish?) writing and helping others become successful writers.


7 thoughts on “The Life of an English Major

  1. Love it. Let me be the first to comment on your blog…please let me know your availability this coming week for college essay tutoring. My son, Robert, needs your help asap! Thanks, Beth Stephan


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